Swimming pool and garden

For those who seek peace and relaxation

The position of the swimming pool is rather special: with a view of the sea and just a few yards from the shore.

The sunbathing area and the adjacent garden are ideal for those seeking an alternative to the beach while still lying in the sun, reading and or simply dedicating themselves to total relaxation while resting on comfortable mattresses and refreshing themselves every now and then with an energizing dive in the water, or allowing the gentle massage of the jacuzzi to work its effects.

For the little ones, the swimming pool is always a source of great joy and fun, and your children will enjoy themselves in a protected area with low water and limit-setting floating devices, so that they can play in the water with the utmost peace of mind and in safety together with mom and dad.

Among the various swimming pool activities, the swimming classes are very popular and much appreciated, offered by instructors who are expert in teaching the little ones to swim. We also offer water-exercise lessons and in-pool scuba-diving lessons held by the scuba-diving centre.

Directly on the beach are the sailing and windsurfing schools and various services renting rubber dinghies and other types of boats.

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